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Thank you for your interest in Blacklist Booking. We are a members-only, fully private, program, offering deeply-discounted wholesale rates on Hotels, Villas, Chalets, and Apartments. Blacklist Booking is a site that has never been advertised – anywhere. It is, in fact, a site that almost no one but our members have seen.

Our site is obscure because access is granted exclusively and only to the employees, clients, and members of private organizations who have been invited to enroll. The huge number of bookings that are made on the site is a result of the amazingly low wholesale rates on hotel and villa that are FAR below the prices offered to the public.

Take a look and you’ll see! The wholesale rates are up to 75% off Expedia, Hotels.com, or any other travel website you have ever seen. As an invited member, we welcome you to explore our unique program.

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As one of the largest Villa & Hotel sellers in the World, “BlackList Booking®” offers unpublished deep discounts on unsold room nights in select high-quality Villas & Hotels.

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